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Porsche 911 Targa prototype versuchswagen nr 500006

Info from Porsche Factory Kardex.
Ausgeliefert, left from factory 6.7.1966
Engine nr 900541 gearbox 103011
S Ausfuhrung, S options and Fuchs Wheels
Car has original per kardex engine and gearbox.

This car is very different from other Targas,
It has H1 headlights, it has S front and rear suspension with brakes, it has different interior, it has S numbered Gearbox. It has very Early Fuchs 4,5 wheels. It has 4 bolt 1965 horn grills. The engine is feels very strong compared to other 65/66 cars. This car has also other 911 badge rear.

As we have per kardex found out this car was used in testing department, maybe for future upcoming S model released late 66 as 67 model?
We have gathered info from other Targas versuchswagen 500001 up to 9 also 500100.
Also First? Production 911S chassis nr 305126S where similar parts used on 500006 car was used, and is marketed privately as first S 911 car 305126 is a coupe delivered 21.7.1966

Urbans Garage Team Will Do Some Research Regarding History Of The Very Early Targas

This car 006 has still in car S gearbox. Engine is per number a 1965. Probably with higher power. If this car was equipped with all other S parts i feel it would be interesting to find out if also engine was built with coming S spec.
We have gathered pictures from car 006 previous owners, some date back to 60-ties. But owners can modify their cars. Car 006 can probably easily be recognized from rear different 911 badge. I have attached a picture from second owner.
This car 006 has been delivered with Fuchs wheels. 6.7.1966. I have asked very many Porsche historians and i have good reason to believe that car 500006 was first or one of first cars from factory delivered with iconic Fuchs.
This car 500006 schould have according to info gathered from Porsche historians which have copies of internal production documents given from museum to research other historical cars in sequence builddate around 1965 december. I have no documents which states 500006, unfortunately i have only earlier.
This car number 006 is the car with earliest ausgeliefert date, delivered from factory, of the 10 versuchswagens. 9 sold from factory 1 was scrapped. Which gives me the feeling looking at all info i have in my possession this is the very first Targa delivered from Porsche?

We will restore the car to specifications from when the car was delivered new